• HCG Ultra F.A.Q

    1-It is normal not lose weight before or during my period?
    In the premenstrual syndrome and during the period is normal not to lose weight because the hormonal changes, you should not stop the treatment.

    2-Why during treatment should I change the normal salt for fine sea salt?
    The salt normally uses large amounts of sodium which is not good for our health also:
     It increases blood pressure, contributes to heart disease. The use of this salt doubles the risk of stroke in fat people, contributing to memory impairment.
    -An excess consume of salt can cause inflammation in the gums, the entire oral cavity and digestive system, can cause gastric disorders.

    Instead, sea salt has many health benefits. Helps our body providing a large amount of minerals. Gives energy to the muscles, decreases gastric acidity, stimulates blood circulation, respiratory, nervous centers, kidneys, removes toxic acids, lactic, uric.
    -A Three weeks of using sea salt, give you extraordinary enrichment of calcium, magnesium, fluorine, etc.
    -It Prevents disorders of the heart, strengthens bones and teeth.
    It also has great bactericidal and antibiotic effect, produces a large electrolyte balance, regulates excess sodium and potassium lowering blood pressure, is anti-allergic, significantly stimulates the healing of wounds, relieves psoriasis, and menstrual processes, Combats cholesterol, senility and gallstones, is a powerful anti-stress for the body, helps in the treatment of cancer prevention, regulates sleep functions, prevents muscle cramps among many other benefits.

    3-Why during treatment must change the sugar for STEVIA?
    The sugar we consume daily is made by a chemical refining process with which it loses all the vitamins and minerals proteins.
    - It causes tooth decay and blackens the teeth, it can affect the pancreas to cause diabetes, weight gain since sugar is a carbohydrate and excess thereof becomes fat.
    - By consuming sugar the body removes calcium in greater quantity, so that the body is forced to exclude it from the bones and tissues wear calcium in bones causes them to become porous and brittle, which ultimately leads to osteoporosis, constant sugar consumption performance also atrophy of the glands, affecting the balance of minerals in the body
    -Finally, recent studies have linked sugar with immune system problems, the refined sugar is lethal to humans because it provides only what nutritionists describe as calories " empty "or" naked ". It lacks the natural minerals. When sugar is consumed daily a state of continuous 'over-acidity' and occurs increasingly need more minerals from the body reserves to rectify the imbalance.
    Benefits of Stevia
    - It has zero calories.
    - Regulates glucose levels in the blood which is a great benefit for diabetics. Reduces food cravings so it's an ideal ally to lose weight. Insulin regulates the body stores less fat. Improves gastrointestinal functions. It is thought to help lower blood pressure. You can have diuretic effects. It is an ally of teeth against plaque because it is used as a mouthwash, or you can also add drops to our toothpaste, delays the appearance of the plaque. It is believed to reduce the desire for snuff and alcohol. Counteracts fatigue.
    - Also it has been used as a treatment against stains and grains.
    - Contrary to sugar that causes inflammation, stevia reduces inflammation.

    4-Will I feel hungry during the HCG diet?

    People report a sense of satisfaction while using the drops accompanied diet even though their actual food consumption is 500, 800 or 1,200 calories according to the plan.

    5-How I can survive with only 500, 800 and 1200 calories a day?

    The HCG Diet Protocol helps release stored fat calories and in addition to the calories you're ingesting.

    6-Will I lose weight eating only 500 calories a day without HCG ULTRA sublingual drops?
    Making a 500 calorie diet without the drops is dangerous to health began to feel fatigue, hunger, your body will weaken and eventually would be very counterproductive, because your body might think he was starving and begins to store more fat, because it enters "survival mode" and muscle tissue atrophies.

    7-What are the side effects of diet protocol with the drops?
    In some cases can cause dizziness and mild headaches, just in the first days, while your body gets used to the diet and many headaches are caused because removing fat your body also eliminates toxins for that you need to drink plenty of water

    8-I'll keep the weight off after the Diet with sublingual drops?

    Reports have reported decreased appetite, better eating behavior and better physical condition, due to a healthy lifestyle adopted during the Diet Protocol sublingual drops.

    9-I have diabetes, can I do the Diet with sublingual drops?

    Yes you can do it. In Type I Diabetes help keep levels more or less normal blood glucose avoiding high peaks. In Type II Diabetes after two weeks you will achieved glucose levels close to normal. In neither case should discontinue medication for diabetes. The Protocol fits your situation Diabetes to avoid spikes or dips in glucose levels.

    10, I have Hypertension, can I do the Diet with sublingual drops?

    Yes you can do it. It will help to lower blood pressure levels. Do not stop taking medication while doing the diet. If you notice that after several days of the Diet hCG sublingual drops, blood pressure is down more than down with their medication, visit your doctor to adjust the dosage as weight reduction is one of the advantages for improve blood pressure values.

    11- Should I take the HCG ULTRA sublingual drops during my treatment Family Planning?

    So far it has not been shown to interfere with treatments for birth control.

    12-Can you start the HCG ULTRA sublingual drops during the menstrual period?

    The best time for women to start hCG Diet Drops Sublingual is the day immediately after the end of their period or menstrual cycle, as during the period lot of water and weight loss is retained may stall.

    13-The men can do the treatment with sublingual drops?

    Yes, many of our customers are men and have great success using the hCG diet protocol sublingual drops.