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    Hcg metabolizes your subcutaneous fat by communicating with your hypothalamus, a very important part of your brain that regulates most of your metabolic functions such as hunger, thirst, body temperature, fatigue and more. In the case that you are undernourished – that is, you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning – Hcg will tell your hypothalamus to metabolize your subcutaneous fat for adequate nourishment. Hcg allows your body to retrieve your stored energy by burning that stubborn fat.

    1) Take the drops. 2) Follow the diet. 3) WATCH THE FAT MELT OFF! Thousands of men and women have already achieved incredible results with HCG Ultra! Some of our customers have reported losing over 1 pound per day.
  • About Hcg Ultra

    Hcg metabolizes your subcutaneous fat by communicating with your hypothalamus, a very important part of your brain. The amazing effects of HCG on the hypothalamus were discovered by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons who observed that malnourished women tend to give birth to health babies with normal birth weights. Dr. Simeons concluded that women are able to do this because the Hcg hormone that their bodies naturally produced during pregnancy helped their bodies to metabolize subcutaneous fat. During pregnancy, Hcg was able to provide proper nourishment for not only the babies but also the mothers by tapping into the mothers’ stored energy. Dr. Simeons later used Hcg to treat obesity with great success. His methods, which are still used by physicians today, are laid out in his 1954 book Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity.

    After so many studies, our laboratory made a unique formula that activates the hcg hormone naturally and we added two potent fat burners to the formula. The first one is African mango that inhibits appetite, eliminates cravings and speeds up the metabolism helping to burn fat fast. The second one is Raspberry Ketones that is thermogenic and activates the metabolism to burn fat effectively, and help reduce bad cholesterol.

    Hcg Ultra concentrated formula but a delicate taste

    At Biolife Choice we guarantee superior product quality, for this reason we investigate thoroughly the concerns of our customers and we concluded that we needed a formula that did not have a strong alcohol taste, which cause damage to the stomach and not a completely sweet formula that makes them feel craving for sugar. That was how we came to have a unique formula in the market, extremely smooth in taste with a touch of Stevia. Without neglecting the most important thing, which is the effectiveness of our product.

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